On Nov 18, 2021, the 3rd International Forum for Northern Economic Cooperation will take place at The Shilla Seoul.

The Forum is a key multilateral cooperation platform for facilitating discussion on economic cooperation between Korea and its New Northern Policy partner countries.
The annual event has been bringing together experts of various fields from Korea and its northern neighbors, as well as representatives from governments and international organizations, to help formulate practical cooperative measures, while serving as a much needed venue for international exchange attended by dignitaries, including heads of states, high-level officials and revered thought leaders.

Under the theme, "30 Years of Northern Cooperation: Toward a Future of Peace and Prosperity," the Forum will be organized into Special, Business and Financial Cooperation Sessions, providing opportunities to take stock of the challenges facing a post-pandemic world and find ways to address them, while also exploring measures to ensure sustainable cooperation in the economic and financial arena. On a practical level, Business Partnership and Central Banks' Official Meetings will be held to promote Korean enterprises' entry into the new Northern markets and encourage sharing of experiences in monetary policies, respectively, as means of fostering economic cooperation.

We look forward to your continued interest and participation in this event.