Detailed Program


Time November 18th, 2021 (Thurs)
09:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:30 Opening ceremony
2021 Northern Economic Cooperation Business Partnership
11:00-11:30 Keynote Address (11:00-11:30)
11:30-12:00 Special Session (11:30-12:00)
12:00-13:00 Luncheon
13:30-14:30 Business Session
15:30-16:00 Break time (15:30-16:00)
16:00-16:30 Financial Cooperation Session


• Special Session
[ Changes in the global economic climate and international order and their implications on the New Northern Policy ]
A prestigious gathering of former and incumbent political leaders as well as distinguished professionals and scholars from around the globe will provide a venue for exchanging views and insights on global issues while highlighting the need for renewed attention to international cooperation.

The world is faced with unprecedented uncertainties such as the more contagious wave of the COVID-19, the United States' challenging relationships with China and Russia, and changes in policy making in response to climate change. Amid such external and internal conditions, we believe the Forum will provide a timely opportunity to discuss the implications and formulate specific strategies for strengthening cooperation with the Northern neighbors, as well as explore future paths for sustainable New Northern Policy aimed at achieving peace and prosperity in the region.
• Business Session
[ Theme of Efforts, achievements, outlook, and the remaining tasks for sustainable economic cooperation with the Eurasian Countries ]
The economic order of the Eurasian countries, which had leveraged the multilateral trade system in the pursuit of economic growth, is facing a turning point spurred by COVID-19. The prolonged lockdowns and logistics congestion led to disruptions in the global value chain. In response to the pandemic, industrial landscapes are in turmoil as new technologies are introduced.

In line with this trend, the Business Session of the International Forum for Northern Economic Cooperation will convene under the theme of Efforts, achievements, outlook, and the remaining tasks for sustainable economic cooperation with the Eurasian Countries.

The Forum will provide a platform to review the success and tasks of the past economic cooperation during the three decades of diplomatic relations, which in turn, will drive future collaborations. The Forum will also carefully examine the industrial and economic paradigm changed by the pandemic to develop a new strategy.

• Financial Cooperation Session
[ The Roles and Responsibilities of Financial Services across Eurasia in the Post-Covid-19 Era ]
The unprecedented outbreak of pandemic has brought significant changes such as the fundamental impact in international trade system and supply chain as well as the acceleration trend of innovation in the so-called untact-digital sector, to the world economy including the Eurasian region along with the global recession. The role of the financial service to overcome the economic crisis and to cope with overall structural changes is now becoming increasingly important.

Through this Financial Cooperation session, we will discuss the roles and challenges of the finance to recover Eurasian economy in the midst of post-pandemic era. In particular, there will be an opportunity to share the accumulated experience of each player from the central government to the major financial institutions as well as the recent trends in the private sector and the development demands relating to finance in the region. We will also explore the solutions to overcome this crisis with strengthening the financial cooperation among the players in the region.
• 2021 Northern Business Partnership
KOTRA holds the 2021 Northern Business Partnership to support Korean companies’ advance into the northern region through B2B Online Meetings based on demands.
· Online business meetings: We find Buyers with business needs in the northern region and arrange B2B meetings to support cooperation between Buyers and Korean companies.
· Business Partnership Online Expo : Local promising domestic products will be presented at the site in the online exhibition hall Kiosk.
· The Northern Economic Cooperation Webinar: KOTRA Economic Cooperation Webinars with Tajikistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia(Far East), and Kazakhstan will be showing on site.